Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Surgery at Batavia & Geneva

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontitis is an aggravated form of gingivitis. Gums get separated from the teeth and form pockets. Pockets are spaces between the teeth and gums. The pockets get infected and as the disease progresses, the pockets get deep and more gum tissues and bones are destroyed. Periodontitis is a destructive process and unfortunately has very mild symptoms. Eventually, teeth can become loose and may have to be removed.

Treatment in our practice

Periodontal surgery would be done by board certified specialist. Please call Pacer Dental to make an appointment for consultation.

Benefits of periodontal flap surgery

  • Eliminate or reduce pockets
  • Regenerate periodontal tissues and re-attach them to the teeth
  • Create normal periodontal form, function, and aesthetics
Flap surgery by periodontist